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Federal crimes can include gun charges, crimes involving fraud, immigration crimes, drug offenses, and other white-collar offenses.

Federal sentencing guidelines lead to strict and harsh sentences and with an almost 100% success rate, the United States Attorney prosecutes crimes vigorously. If you have been charged with a federal crime or are under investigation for a federal crime, do not hesitate to find representation from an experienced criminal defense attorney. Federal lawyer Purav Bhatt has guided individuals through the federal process with great success.

Federal cases are complicated, stressful and life altering. If you have been charged or are being investigated, you need a criminal defense firm  that will be there for you. Call Chicago federal lawyer Purav Bhatt for a contact us.

Fighting a Federal Case

The United States Attorney’s Office has tremendous access and resources to prosecute federal crimes. Federal offenses carry significant prison sentences and involve multifaceted legal processes. The Law Office of Purav Bhatt can walk you through the process, advise you of your rights and educate you on your best options. As a former prosecutor, attorney Purav Bhatt advocates vigorously for his clients. A solid defense can defeat federal charges or minimize the penalties for the best possible outcome.

From start to finish, you will be kept informed and educated about all facets of your criminal matter.

The Federal Sentencing Guidelines

The United States code for sentencing imposes mandatory minimum sentences arising out of criminal convictions. Having an experienced attorney who knows the federal sentencing guidelines and can advocate on your behalf can introduce numerous issues that can minimize the outcome of your case.


Federal Crimes Defense Attorney

Our federal crimes defense attorney is experienced with all of the following federal cases:

  • Federal Healthcare Fraud Investigations and Cases – We have in-depth experience defending federal healthcare fraud cases. Contact us if you are the target of a healthcare fraud investigation by the FBI or another federal agency.
  • Federal Plea Negotiations – The decision to engage in plea negotiations should only be made after careful consideration and consultation with an experienced criminal defense attorney who understands Federal plea negotiation procedures.
  • Federal Weapons Violations Cases – The punishments for federal firearms cases are extremely severe. Make sure you have an experienced federal crimes attorney on your side, with a deep knowledge of how to win weapons violations cases.
  • Federal Drug Charges – Crimes involving drug possession, distribution, trafficking can carry long mandatory minimum sentences. Having an experienced attorney who knows how to fight federal drug crimes from start to finish can lead to successful results.
  • Federal Conspiracy – Conspiracy is an agreement between two or more persons to commit a criminal act. There are a number of ways to successfully defend a federal conspiracy case.
  • Grand Jury Attorney – Any individual who is made to testify before a grand jury should contact our office for legal advice before going to court.
  • Federal Fraud Cases – If you have been accused of mail fraud, mortgage fraud, bank fraud, health care fraud or another federal fraud crime, it’s critical that you get in touch with our attorneys as soon as possible.