Chicago Criminal Drug Defense Attorney

If you are charged with a drug offense, you need to find a good criminal lawyer soon. Being charged with possession can lead the prosecution to think you may be a drug dealer. This is serious and you want the best drug defense lawyer that you can find. Attorneys that specialize in this area are your best line of defense. The law is very hard on people who are charged with possession with intent to sell because the law against trafficking is very specific.

720 ILCS 550

Attorney Purav Bhatt will start by reviewing all the facts of your case paying attention to the details to see if the police or prosecuting lawyer made any mistakes. Sometimes prosecuting attorneys are overloaded and can make mistakes in your case.

When it comes to drugs, any kind, cocaine, heroin, marijuana, ecstasy or pills, they have to start somewhere and end somewhere. This may seem obvious but what that could mean for a person who is arrested for a drug charge is the difference between being charged as a drug dealer or as a drug user. The difference is a fine line with enormous criminal consequences. When people imagine drug dealers they think of two categories of dealers. First is the guy on the street who makes hand to hand deals on the street corner for quick cash. The others are the Pablo Escobar or El Chapo’s of the world, drug kingpins who traffic and transport kilos or pounds of drugs. In my experience, the world of the drug dealer is not so black and white. Many “drug dealers” I represent are actually users who are selling drugs to support their own habits. In my eyes, these individuals should be considered as users who are ill, desperate and need help. Unfortunately, I am the minority in this view and prosecutors, police and judges do not see these people in the same the same, at least not initially.

Purav Bhatt is a criminal defense attorney in Chicago, Illinois who specializes in drug offenses. If you have a criminal matter and you have questions, contact Chicago criminal defense attorney Purav Bhatt at 773-791-9682.