felony bomb threat

Bomb threat dismissed

Recently, I represented a young man who found himself in an unfortunate situation. He is a diabetic and his mother packed him some food and soda cans so that his blood sugar levels would not get too low while he was out during his day. On this particular day, my client was at a Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) train station when he attempted to open his briefcase because he felt his blood sugar getting low. He could not get the briefcase open and asked the kiosk employee for help. She recommended he slam the briefcase on the ground and the locks would possibly pop open at this point. My client followed his directions and as a result, the cans of soda exploded and made a noise that alarmed the CTA employee. My client, seeing the employee’s alarm, unfortunately told the employee, “It’s not a bomb”. In these days and times, any mention of a bomb in a public area is cause for alarm.

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As a result, the CTA employee called the police, shut down the train stop and arrested my client charging him with felony disorderly conduct under 720 ilcs 5/26-1.

Fortunately for my client, I was able to meet with the State’s Attorney, the attorneys for the Chicago Transit Authority and the court. I was able to convince the court and the lawyers that my client had not intention of relaying a bomb threat to anyone and that his statement to the CTA employee was in fact an attempt to relax the CTA employee’s alarm.

The felony matter was dismissed and justice was served.

If you or a family member has been charged with a felony or misdemeanor offense or specifically a disorderly conduct under 720 ilcs 5/26-1 please contact The Law Office of Purav Bhatt to discuss your options.