Not Guilty

aggravated UUW – Not Guilty

August 8, 2016
People of Illinois v D.K.
Charge(s): Aggravated UUW/Loaded – No FOID Card
720 ILCS 5/24-1.6

D.K. was seen by Chicago Police with a handgun in an alleyway during the middle of the day. As police officers approached, D.K. ran into a backyard near his home and officers testify that they witnessed D.K. throw the gun on a rooftop. Attorney Purav Bhatt established that the officer made all of his observations from his vehicle, while driving from approximately 90 feet away. The officer then left his vehicle and attempted to make contact with D.K. only after seeing a “shiny object” from a distance and while operating his squad vehicle. Attorney Bhatt was able to get the officer to admit that at the time the officer left his vehicle, D.K. had not committed any criminal offenses and that the officer’s suspicion was still too vague to warrant a chase. Attorney Bhatt also established that D.K. was not in possession of a firearm or anything else illegal when he surrendered and was detained.

Finding of Not Guilty.