Criminal Defense Attorneys Tackle Retail Theft Cases in Chicago

Retail theft arrest and conviction in Chicago can result in serious consequences, from fines and probation to imprisonment, making the need for a skilled criminal defense attorney paramount. Leading Chicago criminal defense attorney Purav Bhatt has established a reputation for successfully representing individuals facing retail theft charges. We will pursue a powerful defense strategy to counter the prosecution’s case and will do what it takes to get your retail theft charges dismissed or reduced as far as possible.

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What Constitutes Retail Theft in Chicago?

Retail theft, commonly termed as shoplifting, occurs when an individual intentionally takes merchandise from a retail establishment without paying for it. In Chicago, this offense is typically classified as a misdemeanor or a felony, depending on various factors, including the value of the stolen items and the individual’s criminal history. Convictions for retail theft can lead to fines, probation, and even jail time, making it critical for the accused to get a proven and capable legal defense team on their side.

Chicago Retail Theft Defense Attorney Purav Bhatt’s Expertise

Purav Bhatt is a highly respected criminal defense attorney with over a decade of experience in the Chicago legal system. His background as a former Cook County prosecutor provides him with unique insights into the strategies employed by the prosecution, enabling him to craft a robust defense for his clients. Purav’s knowledge, experience, and dedication to his clients’ rights make him a go-to choice for those facing retail theft charges.

Purav Bhatt’s effectiveness as Chicago’s top-rated retail theft defense attorney is visible from the trust and reputation he has earned in the community. Clients consistently rate him highly, with a 10/10 rating, and he is recognized as one of the client-featured choice lawyers. His appointment as an Adjunct Professor at The John Marshall Law School at the University of Illinois-Chicago underscores attorney Purav Bhatt’s deep legal knowledge and dedication to the profession as a criminal defense lawyer.

Retail Theft in Chicago: Statutes, Penalties, and Consequences

Chicago takes retail theft charges seriously, and there are statutes in place to address this offense.

Retail Theft Statutes in Chicago

In Chicago, retail theft is primarily governed by Illinois state law, and more specifically, the Illinois Criminal Code. The relevant statutes pertaining to retail theft include:

720 ILCS 5/16-25: This statute outlines the general provisions for theft and covers various forms of theft, including retail theft.

720 ILCS 5/16-25(a): This section defines retail theft as the act of taking possession of, carrying away, transferring, or causing merchandise to be transferred from a retail mercantile establishment with the intent to deprive the merchant of the possession, use, or benefit of that merchandise without paying for it.

Criminal Penalties for a Retail Theft Conviction in Chicago

The severity of criminal penalties for retail theft in Chicago varies depending on the value of the stolen merchandise and the offender’s criminal history. Retail theft can be classified into two main categories:

Misdemeanor Retail Theft

When the value of the stolen merchandise is less than $300, the offense is typically considered a Class A misdemeanor.

Penalties: A Class A misdemeanor in Chicago may result in imprisonment for up to one year and fines of up to $2,500.

Felony Retail Theft

When the stolen merchandise is valued at $300 or more, the offense may be elevated to a felony.

Class 4 Felony: When the value of the stolen merchandise is between $300 and $10,000.

Penalties: A Class 4 felony in Chicago can result in imprisonment from one to three years and fines of up to $25,000.

Class 3 Felony: When the value of the stolen merchandise exceeds $10,000.

Penalties: A Class 3 felony may lead to imprisonment from two to five years and fines of up to $25,000.

You should note that these penalties can be further enhanced if the accused has a prior criminal record or if certain aggravating factors are present.

Consequences Beyond Criminal Penalties for Retail Theft

Retail theft convictions in Chicago can have lasting consequences that extend beyond the criminal penalties outlined above:

Civil Penalties: Retailers can also pursue civil actions against shoplifters to recover damages. Civil penalties may include fines and restitution to the retailer.

Employment and Educational Opportunities: A retail theft conviction on one’s record can affect future employment and educational opportunities, as many employers and institutions conduct background checks.

Immigration Consequences: Non-US citizens may face immigration-related consequences, including deportation, as retail theft can be considered a crime of moral turpitude.

Loss of Professional Licenses: Professionals holding licenses in fields like law, medicine, or finance may face disciplinary action or even the revocation of their licenses due to a retail theft conviction.

Strategies Attorney Purav Bhatt Will Employ to Defend Against Your Retail Theft Allegations

Facing retail theft charges in Chicago can be a daunting experience, but with an experienced attorney like Purav Bhatt on your side, there are several potential defenses and strategies that can be employed to challenge the prosecution’s case.

Lack of Intent

Retail theft requires the intent to permanently deprive the merchant of merchandise without paying. Attorney Purav Bhatt may argue that you did not have the requisite intent to commit theft, which is a crucial element of the offense. For instance, if you absentmindedly left the store with unpaid items or believed you had permission to take them, this lack of intent could be used as a defense.

Mistaken Identity

In some cases, it may be possible to argue that you were mistakenly identified as the perpetrator of the theft. Surveillance footage or eyewitness testimony can be challenged if it’s not clear that you were the person responsible for the alleged theft.

Improper Search and Seizure

If evidence was obtained through an illegal search or seizure, it may be inadmissible in court. Attorney Purav Bhatt can examine whether your Fourth Amendment rights were violated and, if so, seek to have the evidence excluded.

Challenging the Value of Stolen Items

Retail theft charges are often based on the value of stolen merchandise. Criminal defense attorney Purav Bhatt may challenge the prosecution’s valuation of the items, arguing that they were overestimated or that the value did not meet the threshold for a felony charge.

Store Policies and Consent

If you can demonstrate that you had permission or believed you had permission to take the items, it may be a valid defense. This could involve presenting evidence that store policies or actions of store personnel led you to believe you were not committing theft.


If you can establish that you were not present at the store during the time of the alleged theft, providing an alibi can be a strong defense.

Witness Credibility

Attorney Purav Bhatt may challenge the credibility of witnesses, including store employees and security personnel, who are often key to the prosecution’s case. Discrepancies in their testimony or potential biases may be used to undermine their reliability.

Surveillance Footage Discrepancies

Surveillance footage can sometimes be ambiguous or inconclusive. Chicago retail theft defense attorney Purav Bhatt may scrutinize the footage and highlight any uncertainties or inconsistencies in the evidence.

Chain of Custody Issues

Attorney Purav Bhatt may investigate whether the evidence, such as the stolen merchandise, was handled properly and kept secure from the time it was collected to its presentation in court. Breaks in the chain of custody can raise doubts about the integrity of the evidence.

Diversion Programs

In some cases (such as first-time offender retail theft), Chicago criminal defense lawyer Purav Bhatt may negotiate with the prosecution to have you participate in a diversion program, such as theft education classes or community service, as an alternative to facing criminal charges. Successful completion of such programs can lead to the charges being dropped.

Use of Expert Witnesses: How Chicago Retail Theft Defense Attorney Purav Bhatt Will Challenge the Prosecution’s Case?

Chicago retail theft defense attorney Purav Bhatt employs a comprehensive approach to challenge the case of criminal prosecution in retail theft matters. One of the key aspects of this approach involves the use of expert witnesses when necessary.

  • Forensic Accountants: In cases where complex financial issues are involved, attorney Purav Bhatt’s law firm may call upon forensic accountants to analyze the financial aspects of the case. They can help demonstrate that the value of stolen items was wrongly assessed or that no financial loss occurred.
  • Surveillance Experts: Surveillance footage is often a critical piece of evidence in retail theft criminal offenses. Attorney Purav Bhatt may consult with surveillance experts who can provide insights into the footage, highlighting discrepancies, ambiguities, or potential errors in the prosecution’s interpretation of events.
  • Psychologists or Behavior Experts: In state or federal criminal cases where intent or mental state is a crucial element, Attorney Purav Bhatt may employ psychologists or behavior experts to evaluate your mental state at the time of the alleged theft. They can provide expert testimony to challenge the prosecution’s claim of intent.
  • Retail Experts: When it comes to retail theft criminal defense Chicago, retail experts can be valuable in explaining retail industry practices, store policies, and security measures. They can help establish whether the store’s actions or policies may have contributed to misunderstandings that led to the alleged theft.

Deferred Prosecution and Alternative Sentencing

Deferred prosecution and alternative sentencing programs are valuable tools in the arsenal of a skilled retail theft defense attorney like Purav Bhatt. These programs under criminal law provide options for individuals facing retail theft charges in Chicago to address their actions without necessarily going through the traditional criminal justice system.

Deferred Prosecution Programs

Deferred prosecution programs offer individuals an opportunity to have their charges dismissed or reduced upon the successful completion of specific requirements, such as community service, counseling, or restitution. Here’s how attorney Purav Bhatt may use these programs:

  • Negotiation with Prosecution: Chicago criminal defense attorney Purav Bhatt may negotiate with the prosecution to have your case placed in a deferred prosecution program. This negotiation may involve presenting your willingness to participate and comply with the program’s requirements.
  • Case Evaluation: Attorney Purav Bhatt will evaluate the specifics of your case to determine if you are an appropriate candidate for a deferred prosecution program. This includes considering factors such as your criminal history, the value of stolen items, and the circumstances surrounding the offense.
  • Completing Program Requirements: If your case is accepted into a deferred prosecution program, retail theft defense attorney Purav Bhatt will work closely with you to ensure you complete the required tasks, which may include community service, theft education classes, or restitution to the victim.
  • Monitoring Progress: Criminal defense lawyer Purav Bhatt will monitor your progress throughout the program to ensure you meet the terms and conditions within the specified timeframe.
  • Case Disposition: Once you successfully complete the program, retail theft defense attorney Purav Bhatt will work to have your charges dismissed or reduced. This outcome can help you avoid a criminal conviction and its associated consequences.

Alternative Sentencing Programs

In addition to deferred prosecution programs, there are alternative sentencing options available for retail theft cases in Chicago. These programs focus on rehabilitation and restitution rather than traditional punitive measures. Here’s how criminal defense attorney Purav Bhatt may use them:

  • Assessment and Recommendation: Chicago retail theft defense lawyer Purav Bhatt may have you undergo an assessment to determine the most appropriate alternative sentencing program for your specific case. This assessment considers factors like your personal circumstances and the nature of the offense.
  • Negotiation with Prosecution: Similar to deferred prosecution programs, attorney Purav Bhatt will negotiate with the prosecution to explore alternative sentencing options, such as probation, diversion programs, or court supervision. These programs can include requirements like counseling, community service, and restitution to the victim.
  • Compliance and Progress Monitoring: Chicago criminal defense attorney Purav Bhatt will guide you through the alternative sentencing program, ensuring you adhere to its requirements. Compliance is essential to achieving a favorable outcome.
  • Case Resolution: Successfully completing an alternative sentencing program can result in a more lenient disposition of your case. Depending on the program, this may mean having the charges reduced, dismissed, or sealed.

Utilizing deferred prosecution and alternative sentencing programs in retail theft cases is a strategic approach to mitigate the impact of criminal charges on your record and life. Attorney Purav Bhatt’s experience in the Chicago legal system, along with his negotiation skills and knowledge of these programs, can be invaluable in guiding clients toward a more positive resolution and helping them avoid the long-term consequences of a criminal conviction.

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