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Charged with Class 1 Felony (posession of 5000 grams of cannabis)

Chicago Police Department narcotics unit did a controlled delivery of a FedEx package at my friends house. As soon as the cops knew that the package had been opened, they came to the apartment. We were both charged with a Class 1 Felony of possessing 5000 grams or more of cannabis.This was the first time I was ever arrested in my entire life and had absolutely no previous record. Purav is extremely knowledgeable about criminal cases and answered every question I asked with plenty of detail. He’s professional, down to earth, and easy going.Purav was easily able to beat the State’s case against me through the questions that he asked the judge. All charges against me were dropped and I was free to go because of no probable cause. Since my case ended on the first court date, he only took 25% of the total agreed amount in lawyer fees. He saw that I was a college student and already drowned in loans. I don’t think any other lawyer actually has a heart like that! If I ever get arrested again (and I hope I don’t), I’m undoubtedly going back to Purav. He’s the man!

Felony Charges Dropped

I have to admit, I didn’t think he would do as much as he did. I did my own research and didn’t think there was anyway I would make it out unscathed. Yet somehow, the felony charges were dropped on my first appearance. In court, I felt that he knew and was respected by everyone. He told me the steps that I would take through the process and I felt comfortable every step of the way. There was never a moment where I doubted his abilities, and he is high on this site for criminal defense for a reason. In fact, he has the same amount of reviews as everyone on the first page combined. I would definately reccomend him.

Someone you can trust

I was very pleased with Purav Bhatt legal services. Purav was very professional, honest, and upfront with my case. I only spoke with Purav over the phone before meeting him in court and just from our phone conversation alone I completely felt comfortable and knew everything was going to work out for the better. The end result my case was dismissed on my first appearance!! I highly recommend Purav Bhatt!!

An Honorable Lawyer

Although nobody ever wants to hire a lawyer I was privileged to retain the services of attorney Purav Bhatt. I had a pretty simple case but had concerns that as an accountant any legal entanglement with a negative outcome could have hindered my career. Mr. Bhatt explained both my options and how the process would unfold, he also took care to answer my calls and any questions I had promptly. After the hearing, which had a positive outcome Mr. Bhatt even offered to give me a ride to my destination. It’s little things like the ride people remember and speak volumes about. I hope to never need legal services in my personal life again but if I do I now have an attorney whom I trust.

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A Hero

Recently I was involved in a very complicated situation, a situation in which I thought I wasn’t going to get out so easily. Mr. Purav was my defense attorney, and more than that, he was my hero. Since the very beginning I felt confident in having him as my representative, he was always attentive to all my concerns about the case. He clearly explained every step of the process. He was very trustworthy, I felt very comfortable talking with him about the case, and felt free to ask him anything. Purav managed my case with professionalism, and thanks to his knowledge and experience the majority of my charges were dismiss. I am very happy with the outcome, and I am more than grateful with Mr. Purav. I definitely recommend him. I felt that more than a simple client, Purav sees you as a human being who needs his help unconditionally. Thank you so much for everything!!!

Best Legal Assistance for an Out of Stater

Purav was extremely helpful and understanding of a ticket I received when visiting Chicago. He attended the court date on my behalf so that I did not have to travel mid week back to the city. He was able to get my ticket reduced to a fine and keep me informed from the first contact to the finalization of the case. I truly appreciated his honesty on the whole process letting me know of all aspects that could occur. Would recommend him to anyone that lives in Chicago or if you are even from another state.

Misdemeanor charge

Coming from a family of lawyers, though not one myself, I had rather high expectations when I hired Mr. Bhatt to represent me. It is fair to say that he met everyone of them. A cursory search on the net, might yield some lawyers who are a bit cheaper, but in my opinion that would be a mistake. Mr. Bhatt is knowledgeable and quickly put me in a comfort zone by taking the time to explain to me what the next steps would be and what to expect in terms of best case scenario, worst case scenario. All this was on the phone before I actually retained him. He was punctual and professional on court day and fortunately the case played out as he had outlined with my charge dropped to a lesser degree, fine of the minimum amount, and most importantly nothing to mar my otherwise clean record. Thank you Mr. Bhatt for your handling of the case and my anxiety.

Criminal Defense Case

I was very impressed with the way my situation was handled before, during, and after my case was dismissed. Atty. Bhatt is very well spoken and gets the job done. He’s someone to know if you have any legal troubles.

Freedom Never Tasted sooo good

Mr. Bhatt constantly kept lines of communication open. He answered questions i had in a very timely manner returned my calls immediately and showed up for my case on time. He did everything he said he would and he is the reason i am free today.

Purav Bhatt is an outstanding lawyer.

I was so fortunate to have my case taken by Mr. Burav. He was very professional, extremely friendly, and most of all, he achieved the best outcome for me. Being a former prosecutor, he knew what to do best, and ultimately I got a case dismissed. I strongly recommend him to people with criminal felony cases.

Excellent Lawyer

He was very concerned, attentive, and understood my situation. He was compassionate with me and was successful in defending my case. I was not thinking straight and was arrested for petty theft, and he carefully explained my options and it led to a successful outcome. In all areas, he was a true Boy Scout and I cannot recommend a lawyer more highly.

Sharp, friendly, down to earth

Purav was great. He helped me amend a battery charge to disorderly conduct, and was reassuring and helpful throughout the process. He always replied within minutes of a text. Down to earth, friendly, and sharp.

Excellent Attorney

Purav represented me and made the whole court process smooth. He took steps to handle my case in the most efficient and professional way. He also kept me well informed, always responded to my questions and phone calls. He showed up promptly on time on the date and was fully prepared. He has gone above and beyond what was required in every aspect – I highly, highly recommend him.

Felony Case Dismissed Thanks to Attorney Purav Bhatt

Mr. Bhatt was always loyal to me. He always arrived at court at the right time. When I wanted to talk with Mr. Bhatt regarding my case his office staff helped me to reach him. Mr. Bhatt is a well experienced and knowledgeable Criminal Defense Lawyer. He has done an excellent job for me. 

My Case

Mr. Bhatt has helped me win a case recently and I would definitely recommend him. His understanding of and experience in legal matters gave us the advantage in the courtroom. His attentiveness and dependability made the entire process very easy for myself and my friend. I have already refer him to my friends I know because of the personal attention and knowledge that he provides. The legal guidance that he had provided has helped me get better life and ease of mind.