What You Should Know about Cannabis related DUIs

DUI and Cannabis The majority of DUI client’s I see are charged with driving under the influence of alcohol. Recently, my office has seen a noticeable rise in charges related to driving under the influence of marijuana. There are many questions surrounding the law related to driving under the influence of marijuana. Do the same [...]

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When to Hire A DUI Attorney

When to Hire A DUI Attorney Most DUI cases in Illinois are handled without legal representation. However, the potential penalties for a DUI arrest and conviction are potentially life changing so you should have a DUI attorney guiding you through the process. This video shows the risk. Consider hiring a DUI attorney when: This is [...]

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Verdict! $400,000 Jury Verdict – Win for the Plaintiff – Breach of Contract

Jury Verdict Verdict! $400,000 Jury Verdict Attorney Purav Bhatt secured a verdict for his client in the amount of $400,000. In a five-day jury trial, my client sued the Board of Education for the City of Chicago for a breach of contract. Babbage Net School, a company that provided secondary education services to [...]

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Not Guilty of Attempted Murder – Jury Trial Report

  The Trial - Not Guilty! M.T. just got 31 years of his life back because he was found not guilty.  In an instant, after being found not guilty of the attempted murder of a witness in his brother's murder investigation. After 5 days of testimony by the State's witnesses. After a day of contentious [...]

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Charge: Felony Retail Theft +$500 – People of Illinois vs. K.L – Case dismissed

People of Illinois vs. K.L Charge: Felony Retail Theft +$500 Outcome: Case dismissed Defendant, along with co-defendant were arrested at O'Hare international airport and accused of taking several hundred dollars worth of cologne from duty-free stores. Attorney Purav Bhatt established that his clients were never in possession of the stolen items and the items were [...]

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Positive Drug Test – Employment and Clear Record Maintained

H.K. H.K., a police officer was being investigated for testing positive of cocaine during a random drug test through the police department. H.K., an officer on the force for over a decade, risked losing his job, his pension and any opportunity of being a law enforcement officer with another force if the positive drug test [...]

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Sexual Assault Charges – Case Dismissed

PEOPLE V. D.S. D.S. was accused of multiple sex offenses by a relative. D.S. was arrested, charged and numerous conditions placed on him including not being able to return to his home. D.S. denied all accusations against him. Attorney Bhatt, through his investigation, determined that the alleged offenses occurred well over a decade before D.S.’s [...]

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Misuse of Company Credit Card – Successfully Avoided Criminal Charges Being Filed

S.P. S.P. was an executive at a Fortune 500 company in the Chicago land area. The company discovered that S.P. had misused her corporate credit card for personal purchases exceeding $100,000. Through proactive contact and careful negotiations with the company, attorney Bhatt was able to settle the matter and avoid the filing of felony criminal [...]

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Battery Charges – Not Guilty

PEOPLE V. P.J. P.J. was a retired police Sergeant who was arrested for misdemeanor battery in violation of 720 ILCS 5/12-3(a)(2) during a road rage traffic incident. Attorney Bhatt successfully established that the state's witness was the aggressor in the altercation and that PJ was following his training to ensure that the aggressor was still [...]

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Felony Theft, Identity Theft, and Unlawful Use of Credit Cards – Charges Dismissed

PEOPLE V. N.C. N.C. was recorded on video going into a locker at a public gym and removing the wallet of another patron. N.C. then proceeded to use that person's credit card at various locations and made purchases amounting to thousands of dollars. N.C. was charged with felony theft (720 ILCS 5/16-1), identity theft (720 [...]

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Traffic Stop Turned Drug Charge – Possession of Controlled Substance – Reduced to Misdemeanor

PEOPLE V J.S. J.S. was pulled over on the highway for following too closely in violation of 625 ILCS 5/11-710. While in conversation with the police, the officer became suspicious and continued his investigation of J.S. vehicle. During the search, hundreds of oxycontin pills, as well as, over $600,000 in cash were seized by the [...]

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Illegal Recording in Residence – Not Guilty

PEOPLE V U.D. U.D. was accused of recording a neighbor through a window while showering. The neighbor alleged that U.D. had used his cell phone to record her and called the police. Attorney Purav Bhatt took the case to trial and argued that the law required proof of a recording as well as proof of [...]

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Domestic Battery and Aggravated Assault Charges – Case Dismissed

PEOPLE V S.Q. S.Q. was charged with various offenses including domestic battery (720 ILCS 5/12-3.2) and aggravated assault with a firearm (720 ILCS 5/12-2) for allegedly threatening his wife and child with a pistol. Through a thorough investigation of the facts, evidence and the witnesses, attorney Purav Bhatt was able to prove that there was [...]

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DUI Charges – Not Guilty (Driving Privileges Restored)

PEOPLE V T.B. T.B. was pulled over and charged with the Driving Under the Influence in violation of 625 ILCS 5/11-501(a)(2), after police observed what they believed was impaired driving while picking up her son from work. T.B. performed field sobriety tests and was placed under arrest for driving under the influence of alcohol. Attorney [...]

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First Degree Murder – Released and Not Charged Based on Self-Defense

PEOPLE V C.M. After a domestic violence incident, C.M. was accused of stabbing and killing her partner. C.M. was taken into custody and was being investigated for first degree murder in violation of 720 ILCS 5/9-1. Attorney Bhatt represented C.M., protected her constitutional rights and after thoroughly reviewing of the facts of the case including [...]

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