The State of Illinois drunk driving laws start with the .08 percentage blood alcohol concentration (BAC) limit. If you are under 21 years of age in Illinois there is a “zero” tolerance for alcohol and driving. The truth is, it takes few drinks to become legally impaired in the state of Illinois.

The best choice is not to drink and drive. Illinois has some of the nation’s strictest laws for drunk drivers. A conviction for drinking and driving risks your freedom, finances and your future. Contact the Chicago DUI attorney who gets results.

An Experienced DUI Lawyer

As a former Cook County State’s Attorney, Purav Bhatt has the experience to handle felony and misdemeanor DUI traffic cases as well as an understanding of the prosecution’s goals and objectives. During his time as a prosecutor, Mr. Bhatt successfully tried hundreds bench and jury trials. Mr. Bhatt’s firsthand experience with the methods of the prosecution translates into success for his clients today. After years working with police officers, detectives and investigators building criminal cases against defendants, Mr. Bhatt has the ability to recognize defects in those cases and build strong defenses for his clients.

The Law Offices of Purav Bhatt & Associates strives to provide aggressive and cost-effective representation for all our clients. Representing and advocating for your interests is our number one priority. Through our work we have built well-respected and valuable relationships with Judges and Prosecutors throughout the court system.

Contact the Chicago drunk driving lawyers at the Law Office of Purav Bhatt. We can assist you with your criminal defense.

We work diligently and directly with our clients to ensure you understand the legal, financial and personal aspects of your legal matter. Throughout the legal process you will be continuously informed and educated about your options.

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