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Facing criminal charges can disrupt your life in ways you cannot imagine. From reputational damage to financial strain, criminal cases can affect every aspect of your life and take a heavy toll on physical and mental health.

During such a turbulent time, a robust defense is critically important to safeguard your rights and liberties. At The Law Office of Purav Bhatt, we have successfully defended numerous clients over the years against state as well as federal criminal charges. Led by former prosecutor Purav Bhatt, our legal team can provide you with strategic legal representation and fight relentlessly to achieve the best possible outcome in your case.

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The Importance of Strong Legal Defense in Criminal Cases in Chicago, IL

The need for a strong defense in criminal cases in Chicago cannot be overstated. Due to the high volume of cases – particularly cases involving violent crimes – prosecutors in Chicago are unforgiving in their approach towards crime and often seek maximum penalties.

In addition to that, disparities in access to resources and systemic biases can make things worse – especially for minorities and those who belong to marginalized communities. Data shows that the severity of criminal penalties tends to vary greatly between racially homogeneous places and racially diverse places – with the latter being more punitive. In the absence of competent legal representation, people who are convicted of criminal offenses – particularly offenses involving drugs and firearms – are likely to be punished harshly.

It’s why a strong defense becomes so important in criminal cases – especially cases involving felony charges. An accomplished criminal defense attorney Chicago can protect your constitutional rights, craft effective strategies to defend you against the charges you are facing, and take all possible steps to achieve the best outcome possible under the circumstances.

How Chicago Criminal Lawyer Purav Bhatt Is Uniquely Qualified to Defend You against Criminal Charges

Being a former prosecutor, attorney Purav Bhatt possesses unique insights and knowledge that allows him to identify weak points in the prosecution’s case that most other criminal defense lawyers might overlook. These include:

Procedural Errors: Purav Bhatt knows what kind of procedural errors law enforcement officers tend to make during the investigation, arrest, and interrogation process and how they try to cover it up. He can identify these errors, establish law enforcement’s failure to abide by procedural norms, and take steps to get your charges dropped, dismissed, or reduced.

Weaknesses in Evidence Collection: Purav Bhatt knows how to expertly scrutinize the prosecution’s evidence for weaknesses or inconsistencies. He can identify gaps in the chain of custody, issues with the reliability of witness testimony, or flaws in forensic evidence that could undermine the prosecution’s case.

Inconsistencies in Witness Testimony: Purav Bhatt is extremely skilled at evaluating witness credibility and identifying inconsistencies or contradictions in their testimony. He can uncover discrepancies in witness statements, inconsistencies in accounts of events, or biases that could cast doubt on the reliability of key prosecution witnesses.

Weak Legal Theory: Purav Bhatt is familiar with the legal theories and strategies commonly employed by prosecutors to secure convictions. He can identify weaknesses in the prosecution’s legal theory – including flawed interpretations of the law and misapplications of legal principles – that could undermine the validity of the charges against you.

Overreliance on Circumstantial Evidence: Prosecutors sometimes build cases based primarily on circumstantial evidence rather than direct evidence of the defendant’s guilt. Purav Bhatt can recognize when the prosecution’s reliance on circumstantial evidence is tenuous or insufficient to establish guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

Brady Violations: A Brady violation refers to a situation where the prosecution fails to disclose evidence that is favorable to the defense and material to the outcome of the case. If the prosecution tries to withhold potentially exculpatory evidence in your case, Purav Bhatt can file a motion to compel disclosure, use the evidence to impeach prosecution witnesses or request a dismissal of charges altogether.

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Facing Criminal Charges? Seasoned Chicago Criminal Defense Attorney Purav Bhatt Is Ready to Defend You!

When you are facing criminal charges, your choice of legal representation matters the most. Attorney Purav Bhatt has extensive experience in defending people against a wide array of charges – ranging from DUI to sexual crimes.

With a background as a former Cook County State’s Attorney, Purav Bhatt has a deep knowledge of criminal law and possesses unparalleled insight into the Chicago criminal justice system, which allows him to craft highly effective defense strategies that are tailored to the unique circumstances of your case.

Whether you are facing misdemeanor or felony charges, Purav Bhatt has the knowledge, experience, and resources to provide you with a robust defense and is prepared to fight aggressively to achieve the best possible result.

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