chicago downtown theft shoplifting chargesA large eight person shoplifting operation was uncovered out of Austin, Texas. The group shoplifted household items including: batteries, shampoos, lotions, razors, nail polish, detergent and hair products valued at approximately $50,000.

The leader of the group had accomplices shoplift from retailers such as Target and grocery stores and then resell the items at flea markets or resell the items in Mexico.

Officials have stated that this operation may be one of the largest retail theft and shoplifting rings in Texas and the country.

While the Texas ring has been one of the biggest in the country it is not the only one. Rings have been discovered in Florida, Washington and Maryland where items such as toothpaste, Rogaine, batteries, perfume and detergent valued at up to $125,000.

Retail theft and shoplifting on an organized level is increasing, according to the National Retail Federation. The National Retail Federation has reported that approximately 95 percent of retailers have been targeted by shoplifters.

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