720 ILCS 5/16-25

Illinois retail theft

The National Retail Federation study reports that the slow economy has caused businesses to reduce security jobs and as a result, more people are shoplifting and stealing. In 2011, retail theft losses totaled over $32 billion. Additionally, the National Retail Federal found that close to 95 percent of retailers reported being the victim of organized theft, 6 percent higher than last year and up 10 percent up from 2007.

The FBI states organized theft is the nation’s fastest growing crime. Organized retail theftconsists of a coordinated theft in which “boosters” steal items and “fencers” sell stolen goods back to online stores. This crime is growing in Chicago, where area retail stores are numerous.

As a result, the increased security and vigilance can result in overzealous prosecutions. Additionally, innocent people are stopped, searched, seized, arrested and unfairly prosecuted.

If you or a loved on has been arrested for theft, retail theft, shoplifting, fraud or organized retail crime it is important to protect yourself and your future. Purav Bhatt is a criminal defense attorney practicing in CookDuPageLake and Will counties. His office is located in Lincolnwood near many ChicagoSkokie and Rolling Meadows courthouses.

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