On the night of the Mexican Independence Day parade, F.S. was intoxicated and was observed throwing rocks at Chicago Police Department officers. As a result, F.S. was arrested, taken into custody, and searched where police officers recovered a loaded firearm on F.S. F.S. did not have a valid Firearm Owner’s Identification card (FOID) or a valid concealed carry license (CCL) and was facing a mandatory minimum of one year in the Department of Corrections for Aggravated Unlawful Use of Weapons (720 ILCS 5/24-1). After conducting a rigorous investigation including interviews of witnesses, review of the evidence and gathering of mitigating materials, attorney Purav Bhatt was able to present information on behalf of F.S. which convinced the court to sentence F.S. to court supervision on a misdemeanor charge thereby avoiding a felony conviction and any jail time served. Because of this outcome F.S. can expunge the case from his criminal record, avoid any criminal record and maintain his firearm rights.