Federal Defense Attorney

Federal Defense Attorney

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Federal Defense Attorney Federal crimes can include gun charges, crimes involving fraud, immigration crimes, drug offenses, and other white-collar offenses. Federal sentencing guidelines lead to strict and harsh sentences and with an almost 100% success rate, the United States Attorney prosecutes crimes vigorously. If you have been charged with a federal crime or are under [...]

Federal Sentencing Guidelines

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Federal sentencing guidelines are very different from the sentencing structure of Illinois courts. If you are being questioned by the federal authorities, under investigation, or fighting federal criminal charges, it is vital that you contact an experienced attorney who has the knowledge and experience of handling federal cases but is also a skilled negotiator when [...]

New Federal Law Attempts to Make Penalties for Crack and Cocaine More Consistent

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Soon, nearly 12,000 inmates in federal prisons across the country will be eligible to have their sentences reduced because of a new law attempting to make penalties for crack possession more consistent with penalties for possession of cocaine. In the federal prison system, nearly 1 in 17 inmates is in custody as a result of a conviction for crack [...]

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