The most obvious, and detrimental, consequence is incarceration and jail.  Being in jail or prison is difficult in itself, but if you suffer from medical conditions or other personal issues, this can be even more difficult to overcome. Prison staffs are not paid to care about your healthcare needs, including medications and medical care, and you have no say over where nor how you are housed.  The consequences of being in prison are often overlooked.  Aside from actually going to jail, criminal record will interfere with the rest of your life including employment, government services, credit, housing, and even immigration status.  Certain convictions require registration as a “sex offender,” which literally damages your reputation and makes you a virtual outcast in society.  Although certain states allow for certain records to be expunged, only specific charges meet the criteria to be eligible for expungement. That is why is better to get the case resolved earlier rather than later. There is no constitutional right to have your criminal record expunged.  In the case of non-U.S citizens, a felony conviction can and often does lead to deportation, even if you have lived here as a legal resident for a substantial amount of time.  It is vital that you do not take a conviction on your record lightly.  Before you face these harsh penalties, make sure you and your criminal defense lawyer are doing everything to protect your life and your future.  Criminal convictions are very serious, and all of your decisions must be well thought out, and you need to be well-informed of all of your options.