Arrest and Bail

What are the consequences of a conviction on my record?

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The most obvious, and detrimental, consequence is incarceration and jail.  Being in jail or prison is difficult in itself, but if you suffer from medical conditions or other personal issues, this can be even more difficult to overcome. Prison staffs are not paid to care about your healthcare needs, including medications and medical care, and [...]

How can I bail someone out?

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You may be able to bail someone out immediately after they are arrested depending on the jurisdiction. To bail someone out, you either have to pay the money to the court or use a bail bond company’s service. You will also be required to provide an I.D. and be 18 years old or older.

What is bail?

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Bail is the amount of money that you pay the court to release you from jail. The purpose of bail is to assure the court that you will be present at all of your court dates following your release. The amount of bail that you must pay differs depending on your criminal history, age, the [...]

What happens if I get arrested?

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After getting arrested, you should expect the police to bring you into the police station. There, you will be processed into the system. The process begins when you are booked and have your fingerprints collected. Additionally, the police will gather personal information from you including your date of birth, residence, and other information that allows [...]

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