Sexual Assault

What is sexual assault?

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In Illinois, sexual assault and abuse are identified as any form of non-consensual sexual contact. Sexual offenses can be committed against an adult or a child. They can be committed by someone of the same gender and between spouses. Forced sexual contact, the molestation of a minor, and attempted forced sexual contact are all forms [...]

What should I do if I’ve been charged with a sex crime?

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From the moment a person is accused of criminal sexual assault or criminal sexual abuse they must be incredibly careful and seek proper representation. The desire to profess one’s innocence to the police can be used against you as an admission, which helps the prosecution. That is why having smart, aggressive, and talented representation can [...]

What are the consequences of sexual assault charges?

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A conviction for any one of these crimes will cause lasting damage to a person’s life, including: prison sentences, temporary or lifetime requirements of sex offender registration, long periods of counseling and heavy fines. Due to the rigorous requirements of sex offender registration, numerous individuals who are convicted of federal sex crimes find themselves in [...]

What determines federal sexual assault charges?

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Federal sex offenses and the penalties associated with them will depend on the the charges brought against you. Some of the factors federal court and prosecutors look at when determining sentences and recommendations include: the crime as charged, the federal scoring level given the offense, the age of the defendant and the alleged victim and [...]

What are federal sex crimes?

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Federal Sex Offenses include: Possession of child pornography, Production or distribution of child pornography, sexual acts with minors between ages 12–15, Public indecency, Sexual contact without consent, Trafficking or transportation of minors for sexual activity, Prostitution of minors, Attempted rape or conspiracy to commit rape.

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