People v G.H.
Possession of Cannabis 720 ILCS 550/4


Description: G.H. was charged with felony possession of cannabis. The police had found multiple pounds of cannabis in a south side home. Armed with a search warrant, officers from Chicago Police department and the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) stormed into the residence in the early morning hours. Police recovered multiple pounds of cannabis and proof of residence for the defendant. In court, attorney Bhatt forced police to admit that the defendant was not home during the search, multiple other individuals lived in the residence and other individuals lived in other units in the building. Additionally, attorney Bhatt got officers to admit that they could not establish that his client was the only individual who had access to the area where the marijuana was found. Furthermore, the proof of residency that police relied on to establish that the defendant lived at the property was months old and no other proof of residency was given. The judge dismissed all charges and said she found “no nexus” between the defendant an the drugs found.