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Defending Yourself Against False Sexual Assault Charges – Purav Bhatt

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Sexual assault is, unfortunately, more prevalent in the US than most people might like to think. Data shows that 81% of women and 43% of men are subjected to some form of sexual assault in their lifetime. At the same time, we must recognize that false allegations of sexual assault are also a problem that [...]

Sexual Assault Charges – Case Dismissed – Purav Bhatt

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PEOPLE V. D.S. D.S. was accused of multiple sex offenses by a relative. D.S. was arrested, charged and numerous conditions placed on him including not being able to return to his home. D.S. denied all accusations against him. Attorney Bhatt, through his investigation, determined that the alleged offenses occurred well over a decade before D.S.’s [...]

Illinois Sex Crime Overview

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Chicago Sex Crimes Defense Lawyers There are few other crimes that are prosecuted more severely than sex offenses. If those offenses involve children or handicapped individuals the penalties can be even more harsh. Those accused of sex offenses are portrayed as automatically guilty and not deserving of a fair trial or constitutional protections. If you are charged with [...]

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