felony or misdemeanor differences

felony convictions can lead to prison

There are important differences between being charged with a felony and being charged with a misdemeanor offense.

These differences affect:

  • how much your case will cost
  • how long your case will go on for
  • the amount of jail or prison time you face if found guilty
  • the amount of fine you could receive if found guilty
  • your ability to vote
  • your right to serve on a jury
  • your ability to possess a firearm

Did you know that a felony conviction will prevent you from employment with the federal government, including the United States military? With a felony conviction you will be excluded from government aid that you haven’t paid into such as: Social Security and Unemployment, federal grants and loans, eligibility for Section 8 housing and food stamps.

If you are a professional, or pursuing a professional degree, a felony conviction may prevent you from, or revoke, your professional license.

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