Chicago Robbery Lawyer Purav Bhatt

A robbery occurs when an individual uses force or the threat of force to take the property of another person. It becomes armed robbery when the provoker uses a dangerous weapon such as a gun or a knife. Because a weapon is involved, the penalties are more severe and greater than for robbery. In Illinois, it is considered a felony. Robbery is classified as a class 2 felony and carries a penalty of 3 to 7 years in the Illinois Department of Corrections, while armed robbery or a robbery that has been enhanced as a result of the age or condition of the victim can be charged as a class 1 felony and are punishable with prison sentences of between 4 and 30 years in the Illinois Department of Corrections.

Can Charges Be Reduced?

Charges involve many facts and, as a result, can sometimes be reduced down to lesser charges based on the facts. Some issues that may help in a case include: whether a weapon was used in committing the crime, where it took place and the level of force that was used during the commission of the robbery.

When your future is put into peril it is truly tragic.  The Law Office of Purav Bhatt understands the emotion and sensitivity behind this time in your life and wants to help you protect your best interests.

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