Chicago Traffic Ticket and Traffic Violation Lawyer

A traffic ticket or traffic violation on its own is considered a minor offense. However, if you do not approach your traffic matters with the proper legal knowledge, additional offenses can lead to suspension of your driver’s license, loss of driving privileges, significant fines and increased insurance premiums. From running a red light to a DUI, one conviction now could mean greater consequences down the road. Whether a minor or serious criminal offense, an experienced lawyer is vital.

I have seen what starts out as a run of the mill traffic stop, turn into drivers and passengers being removed from vehicles, personally searched, their personal belongings being searched and sometimes people being arrested. Traffic tickets are often the basis for stops by the police that lead to the discovery of drugs, the discovery of weapons and arrests for outstanding warrants. Attorney Purav Bhatt has handled hundreds of criminal cases that have started with traffic stops. His experience with the law and police tactics and techniques gives him the unique ability to challenge these traffic stops and protect his clients from more serious criminal charges. If you have received a traffic ticket that has led to citations or arrest call The Law Office of Purav Bhatt.

Types of Traffic Charges

The Law Office of Purav Bhatt represents clients with the following traffic violations:

Contact the Law Office of Purav Bhatt. Our experienced attorneys will review your traffic matter and will help you determine the best way to proceed in your case and advise you on what you may have to do to get the best possible result.

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